Set in a relatively peaceful kingdom, secluded from the otherwise chaotic world, the campaign revolves around the youngest child of an old king, and his/her personal guard.

The kingdom of Phrygia, to which the adventurers belong, has a long history of isolation, and is only now expanding its borders into contested territory. It is a land of lush forests, endless tracts of hills and valleys, and a lot of rain.

To the west of Phrygia, seperated by the Kesselian Mountains, is the kingdom of Veruun. A militaristic nation, its leader Knoth would have conquered this natural world long ago if not for the constant threat of gnolls and goblin tribes that are ever present on the vast plains of Verdentire.

To the south is the only free city-state left in the world – Horrus. The richest of all the cities, its streets are paved with silver and its inhabitants wear the finest silks. Its towering manors and cathedrals serve as a reminder of its wealth. Surrounding the sprawling city is an unbreakable wall of thick stone and adamantine, and from its towers the skilled archers of Horrus are ever watchful.

Farther south still, expanding to the edges of the known world, is the Jungle of Blank Faces. No civilized colony has ever survived beneath its fearful canopy, and the jungle itself seems to live, whispering to its barbarous inhabitants.

To the east of Horrus is the Naeasic Swampland, a thin region that stretches along the eastern coast. It is home to many beasts, and is largely unexplored. One Veruunian fortress stands at the mouth of the swamp, serving as a beacon of humanity amidst the dark fiends that surround it.

To the far north of Phrygia, beyond icy peaks and uninhabitable lands, is the kingodm of Ironcross, named after the dwarven king who established it. Consisting mostly of dwarves, the empire is entirely self subsistent, forsaking foreign trade and business.

Although these kingdoms are seperated my miles of beast-ridden lands, and ages of bloody conflict, there is a new threat forming. Within the deep jungles of the far south, an evil is brewing that will call on the adventurers to aid in the unification of the scattered civilizations. Without a combined effort, and a worthy army of trained men, this world will be torn apart, and feasted upon by entities from another realm.

Drums Of War